White Sandalwood Fabric Conditioner

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Designed to delight your senses!

Expertly formulated, Frey's luxurious White Sandalwood Fabric Conditioner is bursting with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients to provide wrinkle-free wash days. 

Frey's unique and signature scent blend of Cedarwood, Oakmoss and Amber leaves your laundry smelling great, and combined with Frey's genius blend of gentle softening agents, you'll never want to use another fabric conditioner again, and you'll never look at doing laundry the same. Self-care has a whole new meaning. 

  • 50 concentrated loads in a compact, easy-to-use, 16oz bottle.
  • High-efficiency/HE compatible, cold-water capable.
  • Ultra concentrated for intense freshness.