Epiphyllum 'Ric Rac' Cactus

4" Pot
6" Pot

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This cactus is commonly called the ric rac cactus, fishbone cactus, or zig zag cactus. It's botanical name is Cryptocereus anthonyanus. It's name comes from the unique pattern of the grooves in the leaves of this cacti, some even say it resembles a fish skeleton. 

This cactus can tolerate both indirect light and bright sunlight, which makes it an ideal plant for beginners. 

Cacti are extremely popular plants for beginners because they are very drought tolerant and forgiving if you miss a watering session. Cacti can be highly rewarding houseplants as well. Cacti and Cactus are popular because of their unique appearance and easy to care for nature. These indoor live plants grow well at bright to medium light levels, and will do best if you allow the soil to dry completely to the touch between waterings. 

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