Garden Kneeler & Potting Gloves Set


Get down, but not too dirty.

Protect your hand and knees in style with The Garden Kneeler & Potting Gloves Set. The  beautiful, feminine and floral design is not only pretty, but also pretty functional.

The Potting Gloves provide thorough protection from dirt, thorns and prickers, and the padded Garden Kneeler with an added handle for easy storing gives your knees an aid when bending down to stop them from aching.

Bring style and sophistication back into the garden. Get down, but not too dirty! 

  • Kneeler is padded for extra comfort
  • Garden Kneeler measures 16.5" W x 8.25" L x 2.5" H when open
  • Patterned all over
  • Art by J.H. Dearle's Leicester