HoneyBee Matches

Single Pack
3 Packs

Bold, beautiful and buzzing designer matches.

The HoneyBee Matches feature a unique and artistic design. The beautiful box is that detailed that we like to think of it as a tiny painting. Expect to inexpensively enhance your home decor, and keep your home alight with candle-light. 

These one-of-a-kind matches are excellent as a thoughtful gift or look perfect placed on a stack of books, perched on a coffee table, taking pride of place on your fireplace, or make a great compliment next to your favorite candle.

Each reusable match box comes with 50 matches tipped in a custom black color to coordinate with the box's design. 

Strike up in style. 

  • Matches measure 4" long, so lightning candles as they burn down is a breeze.
  • Safety Style Strike-On-Box Matches
  • Perfect in gift boxes, or as a gift accompaniment to candles.
  • Match boxes measure 4.5 x 2.5 x .75