Money Tree 'Guiana Chestnut' Pachira Braid


The Pachira Aquatica, also known as the Guiana Chestnut, or more commonly, the Money Tree, is originally native to central and South America. The Money Tree is a braided tree that can grow up to 6-8 feet indoors, or you can train it as you would a bonsai, and force the tree to remain small. The Money Tree is often used by those who practice Feng Shui to bring positive energy into one's home. Because of this, this plant makes an excellent housewarming or hostess gift. 

This exotic indoor houseplant prefers well-draining soil. Well draining soil prevents root rot and having solid soil will keep your indoor plants healthy and looking great for years to come. These indoor live plants grow well at bright to medium light levels, and will do best if you allow the soil to dry completely to the touch between waterings. A hearty houseplant, this plant is hard to kill.

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