Peperomia 'Ginny'

4" Pot
6" Pot

SproutSouth’s online nursery proudly carries a variety of indoor houseplants for your home. This is the peperomia ginny plant. Peperomia plants are popular because of their thick circular leaves which are a dark green jade color. Peperomia plants are easy to care for and are similar in care to a succulent plant. 

Peperomia plants prefer well draining soil, they are popular because of their unique appearance and easy to care for nature. Peperomia plants grow well at bright to medium light levels, and will do best if you allow the soil to dry completely to the touch between waterings. The best cure for plant health is preventative - good soil from the start will help keep your peperomia plant happy.

You can find more information about how to care for your indoor houseplants on our how-to blog. All of our indoor plants are shipped in a plastic nursery pot. You can purchase any ceramic pots or planters pictured on our online pot store, linked here.

Indoor house plants ship separately to preserve their quality. We strive to ship the happiest, healthiest indoor houseplants!