Rabbit's Foot Fern Houseplant

4" Pot
The Rabbits Foot Fern is originally native to the Fiji islands. The Rabbits Foot Fern has many, intricately shaped leaves. It gets it's name from the fuzzy rhizomes that grow out of the soil and down the sides of it's pot. Because of the delicate leaves, the Rabbit's foot fern is slightly more difficult to care for than other ferns. If you regularly mist it and keep the humidity levels up, the Rabbit's foot fern can grow up to 4ft. 

One of the best plants to have in your home, this live plant is loved for its clever leaves and unique leaf shape. This plant grows well at average room temperatures, so it is perfect for a home office or living room. The Elkhorn fern can grow up to 31-35 in tall and wide, and care is easy as long as they're provided with low to medium light and moderate moisture like most ferns. 

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