Succulent 'String of Bananas' Houseplant

4" Pot
6" Pot

If you are looking to purchase plants online, SproutSouth’s online selection of indoor houseplants has a large variety of popular and unique houseplants.

A very popular houseplant, this indoor houseplant is especially suited for offices or apartments and is desired because of its unique leaf shape and vining appearance. The string of Bananas is a trailing succulent and can thrive in a hanging pot.

This indoor plant was designed for surviving in low-light levels, and grows best with low to medium filtered light. 

Succulents prefer well draining soil. Examples of well draining soil means soil that is more sandy or gravely in nature. Keep your succulent in well-draining soil. Well draining soil prevents root rot and soggy succulents. The best cure for succulents is preventative - good soil from the start will help keep your succulent plant happy.

You can find more information about how to care for your indoor houseplants on our how-to blog. All of our indoor plants are shipped in a plastic nursery pot. You can purchase any ceramic pots or planters pictured on our online pot store, linked here.

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