White Sandalwood Air Freshener


Freshen up any space with Frey's delightfully scented Air Freshener.

Featuring Frey's signature scent blend of White Sandalwood, Oakmoss and Amber, this unique Air Freshener provides instant inspiration when you need it most, awakening your senses and bringing uninspiring areas to life.
Only top-tier biodegradable and all-natural ingredients are used in this luxury Air Freshener. The essential oils uplift your mood and any space of your choice. Use this fresh-scented spray in your car, bedroom, bathroom, or even just when you're in need of a little creative boost.
  • 3000 intoxicating sprays in a 16oz bottle
  • A concentrated formula to minimize waste.
  • No sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, or animal testing.