Ficus Lyrata 'Fiddle Leaf Fig'

4" Pot
6" Pot
SproutSouth’s online nursery proudly carries a variety of indoor houseplants for your home. The Ficus Lyrata, also know as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, is native to Western Africa. It's a stunning small indoor live tree plant that strikes a statement wherever you place it.  It has very large green leaves with a leather-like texture.
Although Ficus lyrata grows naturally in lowland tropical forests it can thrive in a large range of environments. Place in bright indirect sunlight, on the ground where it can grow up to 6' tall. Toxic to pets if ingested.

Water to keep soil moist at all times. This exotic indoor houseplant prefers well-draining soil. Well draining soil prevents root rot and having solid soil will keep your indoor plants healthy and looking great for years to come. 

You can find more information about how to care for your indoor houseplants on our how-to blog. All of our indoor plants are shipped in a plastic nursery pot. You can purchase any ceramic pots or planters pictured on our online pot store, linked here.

SproutSouth is one of the best places to purchase plants online because of our attention to detail on high quality live house plants. In order to ship the best live house plants, online houseplants ship separately from other items in your order. 

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