About Our Terrarium Kits : Learn More

About Our Terrarium Kits : Learn More

Have you ever wanted to build your own plant terrarium?

Here at SproutSouth, you can! We offer many different types of terrarium kits available for sale online, shipped with everything you need to make your own terrarium kit. 

Terrarium kits are highly popular because they contain both the vessel to display your plant and all the ingredients to make the pictured terrarium below. Terrariums have been popular for hundreds of years, ever since they discovered enclosed terrariums could sustain themselves if made properly! 

We offer pre-made terrarium kits that range from desktop terrariums, hanging terrariums, christmas ornament terrariums, and more. In this article we’ll tell you a little bit more about the different types of terrarium kits that SproutSouth sells, how to arrange your terrarium kit, and some of the terrarium plant accessories that we sell. 

Pro Tip: The Fireplace match cloches that we sell by Skeem Design make excellent glass fully-enclosed terrarium containers when you are done with the matches! Stay tuned for a DIY we’ll post later on how to make your own fully enclosed terrarium container with a fireplace match glass cloche. 

We’ll start with our two most popular terrarium kits here at SproutSouth. First up is our desktop Orb terrarium kit. The kit comes with absolutely everything you need to make the terrarium that’s pictured. A Build your own terrarium kit that contains all the ingredients you need [plants and glass containers included!] to make a terrarium for yourself. 

Our hanging terrarium kit also contains everything that you will need to build your own terrarium kit, but it has the added addition of being able to hang from any hook, giving you more opportunities of where to display your beautiful handmade terrarium. 

Both of these terrarium kits contain air plants as their primary terrarium plant, as airplants are a phenomenal plant for new plant parents to learn how to care for. Plus, airplants look absolutely gorgeous in a terrarium! 

Some of the plant terrarium accessories that we sell are different and new types of airplants, as well as small ferns that would work inside of a terrarium. In addition, we sell extra moss and different types of rocks for your terrariums, so that you can build a variety of different terrarium set ups.


Keep your eyes peeled, because soon SproutSouth will carry even more terrarium accessories, including those to build your very own fairy garden.