Terrarium Reviews

Terrarium Reviews

Nervous about having a terrarium shipped directly to your door? Check out some of our favorite customer reviews to see how their SproutSouth goodies arrived at their doorsteps. We're confident in our plant & glass shipping process, and we know you will be too with our 100% damaged items in shipping replacement guarantee. 

"I have to admit that I have always always always wanted a terrarium. I would have no idea how to assemble one and I tried to hold it together when SproutSouth contacted me and asked me to share a premade terrarium with y’all. I don’t want to be a terrarium expert or try to source all the ingredients to put one of these together (seriously, I know I would end up with something weird/ugly/moldy/hazardous). I think this is an awesome idea!"

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So, I jumped at the offer to review a terrarium and I’m so glad that I did! A few days latter I found this box on my doorstep from SproutsouthThe care instructions are simple enough even for someone with a brown thumb like me – just gently mist the moss every few days and give the tillandisa (a beautiful type of air plant) a bath in lukewarm water for 30 minutes every two weeks. That’s it.

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When Sproutsouth sent me one of their adorable terrariums, (dubbed "turtle" by my baby girl), it was that little something in my windowsill that made me smile.  Yes, I'm a big baby and yes, winter is my least favorite season of all, but especially this year. Besides being a big fan of houseplants, I'm an even bigger fan of the tiniest of plants like those in these terrariums. Ours is like the first one on the left. It is sitting snugly in our kitchen window as we speak. Upon arrival, we gave turtle a good soak and then returned him to his home so that he could continue to grow. 

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