How To: Care for a Coffee Arabica Indoor Plant

How To: Care for a Coffee Arabica Indoor Plant

How do I care for my Coffee Arabica Indoor Houseplant?

At our online plant shop, we like to make sure everyone knows all the answers to their plant care questions. We pride ourselves on being one of the best places to buy plants online, and shipping out the most well cared for online plants. It’s hard work being one of the best places to buy plants online, but someone has got to do it! We’re going to detail exactly how you care for your coffee arabica indoor houseplant  in our guide, SproutSouth’s Tips & Tricks for the Coffee Arabica Plant.

The Coffee Arabica, is the most common of the coffee plants, accounting for over 60% of the coffee production you and I drink! It is also known as the Arabian coffee plant, the coffee shrub of Arabia, mountain coffee, or just simply, arabica coffee plant. It’s a clever little plant that is known for its waxy feeling bright green leaves. It is well liked as an indoor houseplant primarily because of the novelty of owning a coffee plant, but it functions very well as an indoor houseplant. 

What type of lighting does the Coffee Arabica need?

We recommend that your coffee arabica plant get filtered, bright indirect light. The Arabian coffee houseplant needs sunlight to fully thrive and grow, and we recommend that the Coffee Arabica receive at least 4-6 hours of filtered sunlight daily. 

How much water should my Coffee Arabica need?

The coffee arabica plant likes moist soil. Be careful not to soak the plant, as sitting water can contribute to root rot. The leaves of the coffee arabica are the best indicator of how much water your plant needs - if the leaves begin to droop and look less perky, you are under watering the plant. A well watered plant should have perky, waxy leaves that are primarily upright. 

What type of soil should my coffee arabica plant be in?

The type and particular mixture of soil can vary from each individual planters preference, but we recommend keeping the soil PH acidic to neutral for your coffee arabica indoor plant. Adding sphagnum peat moss is one of the best ways to increase the acidity of your soil naturally. The coffee arabica, much like the fruit it produces, likes its soil rich and moist. Using organic matter [like compost or cow poo!] can dramatically help improve the quality of soil for your coffee arabica plant. 

How big can coffee arabica plants grow?

Many people are curious how big the coffee arabica plant can grow. Indoor houseplants like the coffee arabica rarely grow to their full native plant size, but coffee arabica  plants can frequently grow to 3 to 6 feet tall indoors, or more! In their native habitat, coffee arabica will grow like trees - often 6 feet to 15 feet in height. 

Where are Arabic Coffee plants from?

The coffee arabica indoor houseplant plant is native to Ethiopia. In its natural habitat, the coffee plant will flower in the spring with small white flowers, and when pollinated, will bear fruit. The fruit is little half inch berries that turn from green into blackish brown pods. Each of these little fruits contain seeds, which eventually becomes the coffee that you know and love. Even though coffee arabica plants are very fast growers, it takes a few years for your coffee plant to flower and produce fruit. You cannot grow a coffee plant from beans you buy in store - those have been roasted and treated, and will not grow! 

We’re so glad you took the time to read our online plant care guide for the coffee arabica indoor houseplant. SproutSouth strives to answer all your plant care questions and bring you the best quality online indoor houseplants we can find. Quality indoor plants with detailed care instructions is part of our motto of good service, and we’re thrilled to help you learn how to water and care for your own coffee arabica house plant. We work with the best plant nurseries to source the highest quality stock of plants available, shipped directly to your home where you can enjoy them! 

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