How To: Care for a Hoya Plant

How To: Care for a Hoya Plant

Caring for A Hoya Indoor Houseplant

hoya rope plant leaf texture detail

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Care level



Bright - medium to high light


When the top 2-3” of soil are dry.


Well-draining, needs drainage holes


60°F / 15°C or higher


Medium-high [tropical plant]

variegated hoya sweetheart

The Hoya Plant, or Hoya carnosa, hoya variegata (variegated hoya), sweetheart hoya, crimson prince, wax plant, or hoya obovata is an extremely popular houseplant. It’s often called the wax plant because of it’s thick, waxy leaves. The Hoya plant is incredibly popular because it is a very hardy plant that grows to be enormous in size. It also produces beautiful fragrant flowers often called porcelain flowers.  The Hoya Plant is typically a vining plant, and will benefit from a trellis to grow up and around. 


Are Hoya Plants Easy to Grow?

Hoya plants are easy to grow indoor house plants because they grow quickly and respond well to light. They can tolerate a lot of different indoor conditions and can be grown anywhere as long as they receive sunlight. Hoya plants thrive with a trellis, as they are a vining plant and like to grow upwards.  They’re resilient and flexible!

Are Hoya Plants Beautiful?

Hoya indoor houseplants are considered very beautiful plants as they produce highly fragrant beautiful flower clusters, often called porcelain flowers due to their pale and dainty appearance. Hoya plants will flower once they have reached maturity. Some Hoya plants have leaves that look like hearts, which also makes them popular valentine's day gifts. 

hoya sweetheart heart leaf detail

[pictured: hoya sweetheart plant, buy hoya sweetheart here]

What type of lighting do Hoya Plants need?

The Hoya plant benefits from bright lighting, and will tolerate direct sunlight as long as it is not burning the leaves of the plant. Rotating your plant a quarter turn every week will ensure even growth and a well-rounded appearance.

How to Water your Hoya Plant : 

Because Hoya plants like high humidity, keep them away from heating and air conditioning vents which will dry them out. In very dry locations, mist your plant occasionally with a spray bottle to mimic its natural, subtropical habitat.  Hoyas are sensitive to overwatering and root rot, so be absolutely sure to pot them in a pot that has drainage holes. Wait until the top 2 inches of soil is dry before watering.  Remember that Hoyas need watering less often in fall and winter when they are growing slowly, and that they must have a well draining pot to prevent root rot. 

What Temperature to Keep Hoya Plants at?

These guys love it warm – they’re subtropical after all.  Hoyas should do just fine as long as temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees. A cold or drafty corner could kill them!

hoya tricolor for sale

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What Type of Soil does my Hoya Plant need?

Hoya plants need well-draining soil.  Equal parts potting soil, perlite and coarse sand or pumice would make them happiest, but Hoya plants can live in just about any medium that doesn’t retain lots of water.  Hoya plants do not mind being a little root bound, so you can keep them in smaller pots. It’s rumoured that keeping them a little root bound will make it easier for the plants to bloom. 

How often should I Fertilize my Hoya Houseplant?

Fertilize them infrequently.  Hoya plants and variegated hoya don’t require much food.  A high-quality liquid fertilizer, or a fish / seaweed emulsion will do the trick.  Two or three times a year is plenty – fertilize hoyas in spring or summer to encourage growth.

 hoya carnosa leaf detail

 [pictured: hoya carnosa, buy hoya carnosa for sale here]

Hoya plants are rewarding plants to care for, and great family long term plants. They are tough yet beautiful plants that tolerate neglect and reward good care.  Hoya plants and Variegated Hoya have thick waxy leaves that are dark in color and some can even resemble heart leaves. Do not cut the long tendrils of your Hoya! That’s where new leaves and flower clusters will form. 

You can propagate your hoyas by stem cuttings or by air layering. Here at SproutSouth, we sell a variety of hoya plants online. You can buy a hoya sweetheart, we have variegated hoyas for sale, and hoya carnosa plants for sale as well. Check out our indoor plant section for more information! 

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