How To : Care for a Starfish Snake Plant

How To : Care for a Starfish Snake Plant

Welcome to SproutSouth's how to care guide for indoor houseplants! Today we're discussing how to care for a snake starfish plant.

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Care level



Bright - medium


When the top 1” of soil are dry.


Well-draining, cactus soil


1-3 feet fully grown


Medium [tropical plant]

Starfish snake plant care is straightforward and easy. In our starfish snake plant care guide we’ll go over all the basics of care for indoor plants and best practices. The starfish snake plant comes from the dracaena family, and comes from the family of plants colloquially known as “mother in laws tongue”. 


Are Starfish Snake Plants Easy to Grow?

The starfish snake plant can tolerate a lot of different indoor conditions and can be grown anywhere as long as they receive sunlight. These houseplants are commonly considered to be indestructible and can tolerate a variety of light conditions, and they will not [typically] die immediately when exposed to drought conditions [so if you forget to water it a time or to, it’s not the end of the world!] 

Why Keep a Starfish Snake Plant? 

It’s funny, because the starfish snake plant is called so because it kind of resembles a starfish looking plant! The leaves of the starfish snake plant are upright and splayed outwards, and the plant will continue to grow upwards and outwards as it ages. Snake starfish are considered beneficial plants to keep because like any snake plant they are highly effective air purifying agents and can filter out potentially harmful toxins from the air. 

What type of lighting does a sansevieria plant need? 

Starfish plants, like any sansevieria plant, can tolerate any variety of light. They are nearly indestructible

 Houseplants, but they will grow more slowly in indoor light without natural sunlight. 


snake starfish plant


How often should I water a snake starfish plant?

Snake starfish plants require water like any plant, but will not suffer tremendously from a forgotten watering or two. It’s best to plant the plant in a container with drainage holes, and it is recommended to water the plant at least twice a month - wait until the top 1 inch of soil is dry. 


What type of soil does my snake starfish plant need?

You can pot a snake starfish plant in cactus potting soil, it likes well drained soil and can tolerate a sandy soil. When the sansevieria plant is growing [during the summer months] feed it monthly with a cactus plant food that’s diluted to ⅓ or ½ the recommended dosage. Do not use a strong fertilizer on a snake plant, as it can burn the plant. 

Troubleshooting your snake plant can be difficult, but most problems with snake plants [like brown spots] are caused by under-watering. This plant is a tropical plant by nature, and can take a good amount of water. 

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Be careful with the snake starfish plant, like all snake plants it is poisonous if ingested and can be fatal to small dogs or cats if they eat the plant. For that reason, we do not recommend this houseplant as pet friendly.

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