Fireplace Match Cloche

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Add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your fireplace.

Skeem Design's unique and elegant Fireplace Match Cloche is conveniently fitted with a  strike pad, a cork stopper in the bottom, and is offered in a graceful color palette. The Fireplace Match Cloche is designed to be functional yet beautiful.

Traditionally, glass cloches are used to add a touch of class to your garden whilst also protecting emerging seedlings from pests and adverse weather. You can strike the matches directly on the bottle, and the vessel itself can be reused as a terrarium or display cloche if you decide not to refill it. 

Keep your matches safe in style. 

• 120 match sticks
• 11 ¼˝ high x 3 ½˝ wide
• Hand blown glass
• Strike-on-bottle flint
• Cork stopper

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