How to: Care for a Chinese Evergreen Plant

How to: Care for a Chinese Evergreen Plant

Caring for a Chinese Evergreen Plant

Here at SproutSouth, we like to make plant care easy for everyone to understand. We pride ourselves on providing the best online plant care guides and shipping the very best plants in prime condition. It’s hard work bringing you the best online plants, but someone has got to do it! We’re going to explain exactly how to care for your Chinese Evergreen plant. 

Care level



Low-medium, indirect.


When the top 2” of soil are dry.




60°F / 15°C or higher



The Chinese Evergreen plant (Aglaonema commutatum) is one of the easiest houseplants to grow, which makes it a great choice for beginners and “green thumbs” alike!  Chinese evergreens are very forgiving and only need occasional attention.  Best of all, Chinese evergreens bounce back quickly after periods of neglect.  

Easy to Grow

Chinese Evergreens are found indoors just about everywhere from cool, dark office buildings to bright, inviting homes.  They tolerate a lot of indoor conditions and can be grown practically anywhere as long as temperatures remain above 60°F (15°C).  Chinese evergreens thrive in humid environments (e.g. bathrooms, laundry rooms) but they can tolerate low-mid humidity.  Knowing when to water your Chinese evergreen is simple, because the leaves speak to you!  When the leaves droop, it means that your plant is thirsty.  The leaves will perk right up after a drink.  These qualities make Chinese evergreens a popular choice among home decorators, office dwellers and busy families.  They’re resilient and flexible!

Beauty - Why Should I buy a Chinese evergreen plant?

Chinese evergreens are a great way to make interior spaces seem more vibrant.  They brighten kitchens, living rooms, cubicles and hallways.  Chinese evergreens come in a variety of hues from green to pink to red.  Some varieties have solid-colored leaves (these are the easiest to grow), while others are beautifully variegated.  Home stagers and real estate agents often display Chinese evergreens because they add color to drab spaces yet need very little care in between showings / tours.  Their oval leaves, usually pointed at the end, can grow nearly 1 foot (30 cm) long and 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) wide.  The stems are short, and the plant’s dense, bushy habit will fill pots quite nicely.  


What's the best type of light for my Chinese evergreen? What are the light requirements of this indoor houseplant? Chinese evergreens love bright, indirect light but can deal with low light and fluorescent bulbs without complaint.  Example of indirect light are sunlight that passes through sheer window curtains, or sunlight reflected off of an adjacent building.  Fluorescent bulbs in office buildings and basements are often enough to sustain Chinese evergreens, although they will grow much better with natural light.  Rotating your plant a quarter turn every week will ensure even growth and a well-rounded appearance.

Watering and Humidity

How should I water the Chinese evergreen? What's the best schedule for watering my Chinese Evergreen? Because Chinese evergreens like high humidity, keep them away from heating and air conditioning vents which will dry them out. In very dry locations, mist your plant occasionally with a spray bottle to mimic its natural, subtropical habitat.  Keep soil moist, not soaking wet.  Wait until the top 1 inch of soil is dry before watering.  Remember that Chinese evergreens need watering less often in fall and winter when they are growing slowly.  


What's the ideal temperature for the Chinese evergreen indoor houseplant? These guys love it warm – they’re subtropical after all.  Chinese evergreens should do just fine as long as temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees. A cold or drafty corner won’t kill them but may slow their growth.  


What type of soil does the Chinese evergreen need? Chinese evergreens need well-draining soil.  Equal parts potting soil, perlite and coarse sand would make them happiest, but Chinese evergreens can live in just about any medium that doesn’t retain lots of water.  


What type of fertilizer does my Chinese evergreen plant need? How often should I fertilize the Chinese Evergreen? Fertilize them infrequently.  Chinese evergreens don’t require much food.  A high-quality liquid fertilizer, or a fish / seaweed emulsion will do the trick.  Two or three times a year is plenty – fertilize Chinese evergreens in spring or summer to encourage growth.

You can’t go wrong choosing Chinese evergreen to brighten your living space or office.  They are tough yet beautiful plants that tolerate neglect and reward good care.  Their gorgeous leaves are mesmerizing and expressive.  Their need for attention is minimal, though Chinese evergreens will surely attract your eye! You can buy the Chinese evergreen house plant from SproutSouth's online plant shop at our indoor plant section here. 

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