How to : Care for Ferns

How to : Care for Ferns
Here at SproutSouth, we carry a large variety of ferns online at our house plant shop. Ferns are a well loved houseplant because of their lush, green foliage and many different varieties. Here’s SproutSouth’s guide to taking care of fern plants, what types of soil and water requirements your fern plants will need, and an overview of the different types of fern plants that we carry here.

We carry the maidenhair fern, the lemon button fern, the bird’s nest Leslie fern, the stag horn fern, the Kangaroo paw fern, the jester’s crown fern, the rabbit’s foot fern and the very popular cotton candy fern. That’s a lot of different ferns, so we’ll give you a breakdown of the different types, starting with our favorites here at SproutSouth. 
The Cotton Candy fern is a unique fern because it has many soft and fluffy light green leaves that grow upwards and outwards. This fern thrives in partial shade and indirect sunlight. The Cotton Candy fern prefers moderate indoor temperatures and moist but well draining soil. It’s also called the Fluffy Ruffle Fern or the Suzi Wong Fern. You can buy the cotton candy fern online at
If you are looking for a similarly light and fluffy fern, consider the Maidenhair fern as well. The Maiden hair fern, sometimes called the black maidenhair fern, is native to the southern half of the united states, but is distributed worldwide for houseplant usage today. It prefers care similar to most other ferns, looking for indirect sunlight or partial shade and a moist but well draining soil. 
The Leslie fern, or the Birds Nest Fern, is another very popular fern indoor houseplant. It is also called the Japanese birds nest fern, or the crested Japanese fern. It is a unique looking fern house plant that is dramatically different in form from most other ferns.  It is similar to the Nidus fern in it’s very unique leaf structure.  You can purchase the Leslie fern online at Sproutsouth. 
The Kangaroo Foot Fern is a unique house plant to SproutSouth’s online plant shop that also goes by a few names - kangaroo plant, kangaroo paw, and kangaroo foot. This Australian in origin fern is a unique houseplant known for its vibrant dark green leaves and straggly, outward growing leaf appearance. This house plant is especially well suited for use in offices or apartments because it prefers indirect sunlight, and loves lots of moisture.
Fern plants prefer well draining soil that is kept moist - most of these plants come from very boggy environments, so they are used to lots of water and low light. 
The lower light requirements of fern plants make them highly desired houseplants for offices, bathrooms, and kitchens because of their upward growing leaves and preferred light and water requirements. Many ferns would benefit from the usage of a humidifier to keep all of their leaves in tip top condition.

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