How To : Style the White Elephant Planter

How To : Style the White Elephant Planter

One of our more popular pots for indoor houseplants here at SproutSouth is our white elephant planter. 

A quick glance at this elephant planter will instantly tell you why this guy is a fan-favorite - he's simply a crowd-pleaser! 


While there are tons of varieties of houseplants out there and we cannot possibly name all of the great plant and pot combinations, here are some of our favorite plant-pot combinations that we've seen so far. Hopefully these images and tips can help you style your own white elephant planter in your home space. Below are three different plants we recommend for trying out in the white elephant planter for a vibrant look and a show-stopping plant and pot combination. 

Three different plants, three different stylings! 

1.) Snake-Plant - a.k.a "Mother-in-Laws-Tongue" 

A small starting snake plant can be a really funky way to accentuate the white elephant planter. This plant is extra tall and really easy to take care of - but be careful, they will out-grow this small planter eventually! 

2.) String of Pearls 

We think a String of Pearls looks absolutely lovely in our white elephant planter! The dainty little balls of pearls will plop right over the edge of the elephant planter, and the pearls will continue to grow and drape down around the sides of the elephant, almost looking like hair! You can buy the String of Pearls here.

string of pearls in elephant planter

3.) English Ivy 

We'd recommend styling your white elephant planter with English Ivy instead of Pothos - while we absolutely adore the Pothos plant here at SproutSouth, it's large leaves may be too much for the dainty elephant planter. The English Ivy has smaller leaf shape, and the dark green color will be extra vibrant against the bright white of the elephant planter. 

You can buy any of these plants yourself at our online plant shop here!  

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