New! Indoor Houseplants to Sproutsouth

New! Indoor Houseplants to Sproutsouth

Low Light Tolerant Plants - for any living space.

We've added some brand new foliage to brighten up your homes this new year. Focused on plants that can tolerate and thrive in low light conditions, we've brought you the dracaena janet craig, the zz, and many more fan-favorites, all conveniently sized in 4 inch pots that fit perfectly into some of our favorite ceramic planters - with plenty of room to grow. 

The Draceana Janet Craig 

dracaena janet craig - low light indoor houseplant

The Dracaena Janet Craig is an excellent low-light indoor houseplant. She is able to handle low humidity with grace, air conditioning with ease -- a very durable indoor houseplant indeed! She is most comfortable in the same condition you are in your home - warm, dry, and comfortable. 

This indoor houseplant tolerates low light levels, but she will do best in filtered, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight to this beauty! 


The ZZ Plant 

ZZ Zamioculcas Zamiifolia indoor low light houseplant

Why is the ZZ plant so popular? With wide, dark green almond shaped leaves, the ZZ plant has many favorable characteristics that make it a perfect indoor houseplant for any home or office. The ZZ plant is widely known as being neglect-tolerant - if you forget a few waterings, this fella is going to be alright. The ZZ is drought-tolerant, meaning it can go without water for longer periods of time than many other indoor houseplants. It also accepts lower light conditions without the growth being negatively affected. The ZZ plant is a slower grower, but grows to a width and height around 2x4 feet.  

Split Leaf Monstera Philodendron

Split Leaf Monstera Philodendron

The Split Leaf Philodendron goes by many names. She is also frequently called monstera deliciosa, the swiss cheese plant, or a bread fruit plant. She's a large, popular, easy to care for houseplant that is not really in the philodendron family. These plants are native to the jungles of Mexico, Panama, and India, and they have big glossy heart- shaped leaves that, as your plant grows, split from the leaf edge to the center vein. These slits in the leaves are called cuts, or fenestrations. A split leaf philodendron grows rapidly and often has leaves that are up to 3ft. long and 2ft. wide. If you want a big, tropical, low maintenance plant, this one is perfect for you. 

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