SproutSouth's Top 3 Ferns for Indoor Plants

SproutSouth's Top 3 Ferns for Indoor Plants
Here at SproutSouth, we carry a large variety of ferns online at our house plant shop. Ferns are fairly easy houseplants to take care of, and we’ll give you some of our favorite houseplant tips and tricks for caring for speciality ferns below.

Should you use a humidifier for your plants? 

In most cases, it’s probably not necessary to have a humidifier for your plants. However, if you live in a particularly dry area and / or have some serious investment in your plant collection, it may be best to consider a humidifier to improve your plants conditions and more accurately mimic its natural habitat. Ferns are great plants to consider getting a humidifier for, as they most typically come from very humid environments. 

What type of watering schedule do fern plants need? 

Ferns desire to live in moist environments. They require a healthy and frequent watering schedule, but are prone to root rot if you let them sit in large pools of water for long periods of time. That’s why we recommend a well-draining soil for usage with fern plants. 

What type of light do fern plants need?

Keep your indoor fern houseplant out of direct sunlight. Keep in mind that ferns are typically on the bottom level of the forest floor, so they receive filtered, indirect sunlight throughout the day and are most frequently shaded. In your home, this may mean being placed in front of a window with a sheer curtain that receives 2-5 hours of sunlight a day. 

What are the top 3 most popular ferns for houseplants?

Our top 3 most popular ferns at SproutSouth are our Cotton Candy Fern, the Leslie Fern, and the Kangaroo Paw fern. We’ll tell you a little about them below, and what makes them speciality ferns. 
Why is the Cotton Candy fern considered a unique fern? The cotton candy fern is considered a unique plant because of its strong upward growing leaves and lighter green coloring. Many ferns are dark green, so this bright slightly light green colored fern is a treat for the eyes. The cotton candy also has much lighter and thinner fronds than other ferns, making it appear to be a very dainty plant that can grow to be quite large! It’s also called the Fluffy Ruffle Fern or the Suzi Wong Fern. You can buy the cotton candy fern online at Sproutsouth.com.
Why is the Leslie fern, or the Bird's Nest Fern, so popular? The Birds Nest Leslie fern is one of the most popular ferns that we sell online here at SproutSouth! The leslie fern has incredibly unique characteristics that make it especially popular for an indoor houseplant. The leaves on the Birds Nest Leslie fern  are almost like tunnels, or little nests, hence its name. The leaves on the birds nest fern are also a much more vivacious green color than some of the other dark green style ferns, like the Jester’s crown fern, which is a dark traditional green. 
jester fern
The Kangaroo paw plant fern is a plant that looks to be out of control! This unique growing plant is another fan favorite houseplant because of its funky leaf structure.  The Kangaroo paw goes back to the more traditional color that we have come to know and love from fern plants, but it’s wild and out of control leaves make this plant a funky and eye-catching houseplant.

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